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Extended display broken?

Timothy Pough


Chrome OS updated to version 85 yesterday and until that point, everything was working fine. After the update, i fired up citrix workspace and noticed 2 issues:

1 - When it worked, the display on my connected monitors was not functioning properly. It worked fine on the chromebook itself, but lets say i open Outlook on a separate monitor. If i try to click towards the bottom of the screen or at the top, nothing happens. But if i click to open an email in the middle of the screen, it opens. I also could not minimize and close out, using the dedicated buttons. I couldnt even drag it back it to my chromebook screen. After a while, i couldnt even get this to happen again.

2 - After a few tries, reboots, and powerwashes, i couldnt even get the display to extend to my two monitors. Nothing happens when i try to extend, just my main chromebook screen stretches out. The other two screens remain as is. 

Everything works fine when i am not in citrix, monitors are fully functioning, everything is intact. i have tried a powerwash, unplugging the monitors, unselecting and reselecting the extended display option. I am at a loss. 

Using Acer Chromebook Spin 713, OS 85. If you need any more info, let me know. Thanks for the help.

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Think i may have fixed it. I had to adjust the display size on my chromebook, not sure why, as i have never had to do this before. But it appears to be back to normal. Thanks.


Spoke too soon. After a reboot, the issue came back. So it seems like for each session, i have to manually go into Chromebook Settings, Device, Display size of my chromebook and adjust the size to small, then go back into citrix and let it adjust. That fixes the issue i was having. I then have to go back to display size and put it back to the size i actually want it to be. 

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21 minutes ago, Michael Webster1709161800 said:

Another workaround I've found is to set your external monitor as the primary display in ChromeOS display settings.  With the Citrix window on the Chromebook, press the multi monitor icon and it will then maximise as before.  Not ideal but better than nothing.

It extends just fine, the issue is that once it's extended, certain areas on the other monitors become unresponsive. Meaning, if i open Outlook on one of the monitor and expand it, the minimize button and others at the top become nonfunctional. Same for anything down at the bottom of the screen. I can not click any icons in the tray, unless i am clicking on my chromebook screen.  And i knot it's not my monitors because i unplugged the chromebook and tried a windows laptop and it works just fine. The issue is between Chrome and Citrix, so it appears.

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On 9/10/2020 at 1:44 AM, Priyanka Karanth said:

Hi, The issue is introduced with the recent update of Chrome OS (v85). We have raised the issue with Google and tracking the same. We shall update this thread further. 

Could you share the issue number from Google so we can track?


We are on Chrome 85 and Citrix Workspace app for chrome and are still experiencing this issue.  


We have 2 issues.

1) If laptop is connected to 2 external monitor and laptop lid is closed, when we open virtual desktop only the first monitor is used..2nd monitor is not included(extended)

2) If laptop is connected to 1 external monitor and laptop lid is opened, when we open virtual desktop the laptop monitor seems OK, but the external monitor looks extended, but the screen is compressed so it's about half high.


For both issues above, our work around at the moment is to minimize the screen and then choose multi-monitor to get it to work.   This seems to restore functionality, but it's hard to explain this to all the users that don't normally have to choose that option.  

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