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XenMobile Errors When Attempting to Connect to SecureHub

Tom Moran1709162262


We are having a consistent issue when attempting to connect several Samsung Galaxy S10s running Android 10.


When we attempt to enroll the phones in SecureHub we get this message "Access to your company network is not currently available" and cannot proceed any further.

We reset one S10 and it was able to enroll, but since these are employee owned devices we can't really do that for the other devices that won't enroll.

We tired connected via WiFI\ISP and via the phone's data plan, but no dice.

We are running XenMobile on prem (I'm trying to push through an upgrade), and certs are up to date.

These are the only devices that are exhibiting any difficulty in enrolling, other Androids and iOS devices are enrolling without issue.


I've come to the conclusion that it is probably a setting specific to the devices that's preventing it from connecting.


What on the device should I look at to allow it to enroll?



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