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VSS and quiesced snapshot removal from 8.1

Hector Chen


Hello, I was testing Vinchin to back up xenserver vms, I found VSS and quiesced snapshot was removed in xenserver 8.1. Does any one know it's a permanant removal since 8.1 and later versions or? I'm so curious, since we need this function to keep our applications consistent, and to use this feature vinchin relies on xenserver. If this is not supported from 8.1 any more, does Citrix has any other alternative solution to help us keeping the applications consistent?


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From what I read yes the removal is permanent. I can't remember the specifics, but something about the coding of that wasn't 

right or was too hard to keep up with.  You can still snapshot, just not the quiesce part.  How one would do that would depend

I suppose on the application. I use Unitrends and they handle the application part. I guess one could also stop services, do the

backup and restart services.




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