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Use of shared ipad with XenMobile

Thomas Mampuumlller



we currently use XenMobile for our iPhones and iPads. We distribute apps via MDX and the public store and updates to the devices.


We also allow private use on our devices, but we want to completely separate private use from business use.


Recently Apple has started to offer multi-user management for business customers, keyword shared iPads.


Can this also be implemented with XenMobile and if so, how? Unfortunately, there is very little information on this.


I look forward to your support.


Best regards

Thomas Müller


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Hi Thomas,


Apple User Enrolment is available on Citrix Endpoint Management Server. Here are some related links to help with your research:


AUG 13, 2019 Are you ready for Apple’s fall update? Citrix is, with Day 0 support!


"User Enrollment

User Enrollment was, by far, the most exciting news to come out of Apple’s announcements. You can never say that Apple doesn’t take enterprise use cases seriously.

Until now, there were two ways to manage devices — device enrollment and automated device enrollment. When a user brings their own device to work, they don’t want admins to manage the entire device. And admins don’t want to control their users’ entire devices either. User Enrollment is Apple’s response to the BYOD trend."


Enrollment profiles:


"Enrollment profile features by platform include the following.

For iOS devices: You specify the device enrollment type: Device enrollment or don’t manage devices.

New devices enroll in Apple device management by default. New devices also enroll in app management by default."



It is worth noting that XenMobile Server contains some different choices for this: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile/server/users/enrollment-profiles.html.


For the differences that will matter to you, check the screenshots from the following two links:


Citrix Endpoint Management Server:



XenMobile Server:



Best regards,


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