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Possible bug with Hypervisor 8.2 eval license entitlement recognition?

Greg Shields


I have a eval .LIC file that I've fulfilled, downloaded, and installed onto a Windows-based license server.  It's a fairly standard eval license file, with all the usual 90-day entitlements, including Premium edition.


Both via XenCenter and via the command prompt, I am able to license instances of Hypervisor 8.1 using the "Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium" license type.  I am, however, unable to license instances of Hypervisor 8.2 using any license type.  I have reassigned and redownloaded the license file, but the issue remains:  8.1, yes; 8.2, no.


Is there a possible bug in the license entitlement recognition that is preventing Hypervisor 8.2 instances from being licensed against an eval license file?

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I may have just answered my own question, but the behavior is curious.  Reverting the license server back to Citrix_Licensing_11.16.3.0_BUILD_30000 from Citrix_Licensing_11.16.6.0_BUILD_31000 brought back the old license administration console.  In it, I see several critical alerts, one for each license entitlement, that say "Customer Success Services for XXXXX expired".  Is it possible that there is now a check in Hypervisor 8.2 for non-expiry of Customer Success Services before a license can be issued?

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