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Migrate VM from VMWare to Xen hypervisor

Grant Shanklin




I am building out my penetration testing lab and working on learning metasploit. I need use a metasploitable VM on my Xen hypervisor server but I can only find metasplotiable as a VMWare VM. Is there either...

  1. A way to convert a VMWare VM to my Xen Server
  2. or an iso download online somewhere for metasploitable
  3. or a way to use VMWare VMs on my Xen server


Thanks for the help. Much appreciated

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The easiest way would probably be the VMWare Player. Running a VMWare VM on XenServer won't work, 

you could try getting Kali Linux to work under XenServer (even though it is not explicitly supported). Trying

to convert a VMWare VM to run on XenServer may be possible, but that could also lead into hours of 

getting that to work as well.




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