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Euro and Pound Symbols are appearing as # when logged into a published application via Citrix (Primavera P6)

Samba Pinnaka


Hello Everyone,

We are facing very strange issue with currency symbols.


While logging into Primavera P6 application via Citrix, Euro and Pound Symbols are appearing as #. If we connect Primavera P6 application which was installed locally on my company laptop, directly to the database, then all currency symbols are perfectly fine.

It is definitely some issue in Citrix server but we couldn't identify the exact issue.


We have checked the settings for registry folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Oracle/Key_XX" on the Citrix server and the value for NLS_LANG set to "AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252".

I have also tried accessing Primavera P6 application directly from citrix server and same issue, just to rule out issues with Citrix Xen App software.


Have reset user preferences in Primavera P6 application and checked the database for currency symbols. All looks OK.

So I don't see any reason why we are still seeing # symbol for these currencies. Nothing working. Raised issue with Oracle support (application is from Oracle)  but they say, we can't do anything as its nothing to do with Primavera P6 application. Contact Citrix. 


Anyone has encountered this issue ? Please help. This is affecting at least 300 users. 




P6 Currency Issue on Citrix.jpg

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