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Citrix Offline Plug-in in Windows 10 32 bits


Hi everyone,


We currently have an environment with XenApp 6.5 and for a while we will be migrating to new Citrix Virtual Apps. Our applications are of the type “Installed Application” and “Streamed to client”. Citrix servers are 2008R2 64bit and our clients are Windows 7 32bit.
We urgently need to upgrade to Windows 10 32-bit and we need to be able to continue using these applications of the type "Streamed to client" while we are migrating to the new Citrix Virtual Apps.
Is there any way to continue using these streaming applications in Windows 10 32 bits? I comment on this because Citrix Offline Plug-in 6.7.4 was the latest plug-in and this is only supported until Windows 7. Can anything be done to continue using this add-in in Windows 10? (for example by editing the Windows registry). It is possible to install offline plug-in in Windows 10 but then when you are loading the application it shows you the error "This application has no profile for." and in Citrix Streaming Profiler not exist Windows 10 like operating system.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use different type of data-format with modbus-tk by giving it as optional argument of the execute method


    # Read and write floats
    # master.execute(1, cst.WRITE_MULTIPLE_REGISTERS, starting_address=0, output_value=[3.14], data_format='>f')
    # logger.info(master.execute(1, cst.READ_HOLDING_REGISTERS, 0, 2, data_format='>f'))

The data_format is based on python struct module.

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