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Base copy problem

Adam Kasprzak




I have red probably all of the "yet another base copy problem" on this forum and still have a problem.


I can not get rid of 2 base copies which block all my options. I have 1TB SR (lvm) with 400GB live vm. Besides I have two 200GB base copies of mentioned vm.


vhd scan shows:

vhd-util scan -f -a -c -m "VHD-*" -l VG_XenStorage-6fb26ede-883c-e26d-de67-0bd7e7ebe139 -p
vhd=VHD-47cc3579-0357-4f60-a7e5-e96f8ddffd1d capacity=429496729600 size=219034943488 hidden=1 parent=none
  vhd=VHD-9813bb56-1dbc-42fb-8661-f97824a7ab86 capacity=429496729600 size=214127607808 hidden=1 parent=VHD-47cc3579-0357-4f60-a7e5-e96f8ddffd1d
      vhd=VHD-62b6004d-0037-4c43-aabe-9adf04feb244 capacity=429496729600 size=430343979008 hidden=0 parent=VHD-9813bb56-1dbc-42fb-8661-f97824a7ab86


Besides I have two VDI to coalesce in the Advanced tab in Xen Orchestra. I have tried rescanning the SR, but without any luck.


I can not export VM because there is not enough room to make another snapshot.


Attached two screenshots from Xen Orchestra


Your help is much appreciated!




Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 12.02.03.png

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 12.01.53.png

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That's true - we do have a fileserver, but I started my journey long time ago with local storage. Now I have a backup Xen server with everyday disaster recovery + full export once a week to zfs fileserver, so from the safety side I think I'm covered.


From the other side - having local storage has one big advantage for me. I run a network app with quite big database on vm "server". It is super fast when all of the vms are stored on local ssd, tested that on a machine which was parked on other local hdd and you could feel that it took longer time to read from db.

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