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Does changing RPC password cause downtime?

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I am currently running my 2 ADC appliance with version NS12.1 and I have been asked to change the RPC Password.


However, I don't see any comments or warning about generating downtime. Does changing RPC password and secure the communication generate down time during the process?


Sadly my lab environnement doesn't have HA so I cannot test it.


Guidline is here: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/13/getting-started-with-citrix-adc/change-rpc-node-password.html


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It does not generate down time; if you were in an HA Pair, propagation should result in the primary also changing the secondary...but if a propagation error occurred, you would have to update the secondary as well (both rpc nodes on both systems should be consistent).  If you have a gslb config, then you may need to coordinate change the rpc node passwords consistently across the participants for their gslb site ips too.

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