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Manage -> Device -> Edit -> Apps Shows incorrect version of installed wrapped application

Scott Newton


On-Prem version


Homegrown wrapped app version 1.8.0. is confirmed to be on the iOS device

Manage -> Device -> Edit -> Apps shows it is version 1.5.0 

Last inventory: 4/23/20 10:20:03 am


Checked the App Inventory Policy and it is set to "ON" for iOS, macOS, and Andoird (legacy DA)

Verified the deployment schedule is set to:
Deploy:  ON

Deployment Schedule:  Now

Deployment condition:  On every connection


Over 1300 devices are reporting the correct version of the application

500 show older versions.  The Update Grace Period passed months ago and this app is used at least once a month for monthly reporting,.

I opened a case with Citrix when I noticed that some Android devices were showing to be using an older version of the application after the App Update Grace Period had passed.  That was assuming the server info was correct.  When I provided logs to support, they reported that the app was already updated so I assumed the tech who got the Logs for me updated the phone first.  So I am fairly certain this is not iOS specific in our case.

Any ideas?


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