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Get-XAFarm on XA50 returning service not available

Jason Fortun


I have an old farm I am i need to let limp along for a bit but i need to regularly gather some data. I am trying to do this with powershell. I have the Citrix Xenapp commands installed along with powershell. When I use the get-xafarm i get "service not available". Other citrix commandlets seem to work fine. Not sure what to check on to sort out this error. It happens on any server in this farm. I am not having this issue in another farm with the same os/software versions. Servers are 2008, 32bit. Any help would be appreciated.



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The old XA powershell also had a help file with documentation that is really useful...and very hard to find info on these days.


I'm doing this from memory, so hopefully it will help you out.

1) Be sure you are running from where the powershell api was installed which should be fine if the on one of the XA controllers with the management console installed. If running remotely from the controllers, you have to do more stuff.   In addition, remember to do your add-pssnapin citrix* (you shouldn't need to run the full path to the api); but you can see if get-help is giving summaries of the expected citrix commands.  I don't think you need to grant rights to execute unsigned scripts, but you might try if still an issue.

2) Be sure you are connected to the controller as a farm admin.  Though on XA 5.0 you might still have access to some of the mfcom commands too.


You might have an issue if the one farm does or doesn't have the correct powershell version installed.


Which commandlets are working, when the get-xafarm command is failing?  You could also try running a remote powershell command from the working system to the target controller to see if the local powershell is the problem.  


And check to see if different xa servers/controllers work vs others as there might be a service state issue - double check ima service and lhc state.  (I can't think of anything else except for security rights being the problem.)

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