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Convert Ubuntu 18.0.4 from HVM to PV

David Allen1709155199


So we are running on Xen 7.1 and we have a server running ubuntu 18.0.4 that is HVM and we want to convert it to PV.  I think we used the 16.0.4 xen template to install but not 100% sure on that.  I have tried multiple sites and even found a script someone had and i always get an error. I'll attach a photo of the error's i get and the script that someone posted that I was using as well.  Any help is appreciated.


one website i followed was https://gimpland.org/now/2018/02/citrix-xenserver-how-to-convert-hvm-to-pv/



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We would rather not because it is a mysql server.  That is an option that I have thought about, but the time to bring up a new server and copy all of the data is going to take a few days to do that.  The problem we are seeing is we have two servers exactly the same but the server that is HVM is about 2Gbits slower on speed test (using 10GB nics) and using iperf3 for speed tests and the only thing I can figure out is the fastest server  is PV and the slower one is HVM.  I have looked at trying to create a new vm but every template i'm seeing is creating as HVM is there a trick to create a new VM to start off at PV and start in recovery mode to install from dvd?


Also, any other ideas about trying to convert over to PV or is it a lost cause?


Thanks for your help, I really do appreciate it.

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