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Moving from GPP to WEM a good idea?

Maik Ludwig


We are currently considering whether to continue using Windows GPOs or switch to WEM.

Currently we manage everything with GPOs (profile management, registry, folder redirecting, scripts etc.) and use WEM only to provide applications (+ performance improvements for CPU and memory).

Does it make sense to move everything to WEM? Especially the profile management. Do we have advantages/disadvantages - performance gain/loss?

We are very unsure whether it makes sense (Windows Server 2016 Environment - CVAD 1912 LTSR).


It is currently a test environment that will replace our old environment in the coming months.


Thank you.



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There is no real right or wrong.... few thoughts below 

- profile management has zero benefits being driven by wem in my opinion

- folder redirection is processed post logon by wem which offers a logon performance win 

- gpo based admin configs should stay as gpo 

- GPP to wem offers processing post logon thus a logon performance win

- reg keys in wem are a frustration of mine, use run once where you can, depending on keys, sometimes GPP plays nicer 
- wem security (applocker and srp) is pretty cool 

- if there is an admx option for a setting, I always choose it 


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Sounds like a healthy mix of the two is the best choice.

I'll look at your recommendations. So a "complete" jump to WEM doesn't make much sense as we have almost no performance problems (only TrendMicro Apex One causes 5-60 seconds of black screen on login, but that's another matter).

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