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Citrix Health Assistant errors/warnings

Maik Ludwig


Hello, everybody,

at the moment we are busy with the fine tuning in our new Citrix environment (1912 LTSR - Windows Server 2016)
As one of the last steps we have now run the Citrix Health Assistant on the VDA and received a few bugs that we cannot fix.


Session Launch:

2020-03-27 11:11:46,530: 6 INFO - Service : CtxFlashSvc not found
2020-03-27 11:11:46,538: 6 INFO - On server OS, services status are:
2020-03-27 11:11:46,547: 6 INFO - The Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash Service (CtxSvcHost.exe) is not found

The service is actually not installed. We have already used the VDA Cleanup Tool and reinstalled the VDA. Still can't find this service.



Profile Management:

2020-03-27 11:11:54,411: 15 INFO - [UI Message] *** recommend adding hgfs.dat to SyncExclusionListFiles. Reason: Fail to exclude this path can result in the profile being locked during logoff, leading to data loss.  See http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/user-profile-manager-sou/upm-using-with-vmware.html .  Note that this system does not appear to contain an hgfs.dat file.  Locate the file manually and add it to the SyncExclusionListFiles policy.

Unfortunately I can't do anything with this message.



Profile Management:

15 INFO - [UI Message] *** Warning: Configuration mixes GPO policies and HDX policies. Reason: Warning: Citrix recommends that you choose only one of the following locations to configure Profile Management: HDX policies in Citrix Studio, or GPO in Active Directory.

I do not understand this message. Profile management is only set in Citrix policies.



Hopefully someone can give me some tips to fix these warnings.


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I have this problem with message in Health Check:

2020-06-10 14:38:18,980: 6 INFO  – OS VDA session launch related services check.
2020-06-10 14:38:18,981: 6 INFO  – Service : CtxFlashSvc not found
2020-06-10 14:38:18,981: 6 INFO  – On server OS, services status are:
2020-06-10 14:38:18,982: 6 INFO  – The Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash Service (CtxSvcHost.exe) is not found.
2020-06-10 14:38:18,982: 6 INFO  – [UI Message] Waring: Some services are not working (but session launch might still succeed). Check log for details.
2020-06-10 14:38:18,983: 6 INFO  – <<<< Step 10: Session Launch Services Status End. Test Warning. >>>>


The machine is running W2012R2 and before upgrade to 1912 it was running 1906. Upgrade was not successful so I removed VDA and cleaned it up with VDAcleanup tool. Reinstall was successful but Mediastream is not visible in services. Before this server I made basically the same procedure with another 2012R2 system and Mediastream is there.

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Same here after updating from 7.19.12 to 7.20.03 (and later 7.20.06), also on new installations 7.20.06 on Windows Server 2016 (on HyperV).

After the Upgrade sessions break down when started.


2020-08-11 16:15:50,060: 10 INFO  – Service : CtxFlashSvc not found
2020-08-11 16:15:50,061: 10 INFO  – On server OS, services status are:
2020-08-11 16:15:50,062: 10 INFO  – The Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash Service (CtxSvcHost.exe) is not found. 
2020-08-11 16:15:50,063: 10 INFO  – [UI Message] Waring: Some services are not working (but session launch might still succeed). Check log for details.


When you check the service "CtxFlashSvc" on the 7.19.12 version this is started, under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\System32\CtxSvcHost.exe" -g HDXFlashSvcs" 

With the 7.20.03 en 7.20.06 this service is not installed or visible within the Services.msc, also when checking the ports 16500-16509 in the log they are not reported.

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