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Help launching VMs from local SR.

Henry Martel


Let me being by saying I am new to Xen Server, I’m come for the telecom/networking world, but now I find myself managing servers. With that being said I am looking for assistance with setting up a local SR that will hold ISO’s where I can launch VMs.    


This is what I have done so far, not necessarily in this order.


1.       Scanned the partition, looking for space:

  [root@xenserver-antaira ~]# pvscan

  PV /dev/sda3   VG VG_XenStorage-a6742c6f-6ec8-8299-46ad-c9eaffeed2d8   lvm2 [3.63 TB / 1.52 TB free]

  Total: 1 [3.63 TB] / in use: 1 [3.63 TB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]


2.       Check the VG location:

[root@xenserver-antaira ~]# dir /dev/VG_XenStorage-a6742c6f-6ec8-8299-46ad-c9eaffeed2d8/

MGT  VHD-65b01e06-436a-4a18-b929-aa24f30a660e  VHD-f9f374c9-f010-46a4-8d34-f7eaef24381d


3.       I created the volume:

ACTIVE  '/dev/VG_XenStorage-a6742c6f-6ec8-8299-46ad-c9eaffeed2d8/LinuxISO' [50.00 GB] inherit


4.       Then I created the files system:

[root@xenserver-antaira ~]# df -Th


              ext3     50G  1.1G   46G   3% /mnt/LinuxISO


5.       Created the storage repository:

xe sr-create name-label=ISO_Linux type=iso device-config:legacy_mode=true device-config:location=/var/xen/LinuxISO/


6.       Created the storage folder and transferred ISO:

[root@xenserver-antaira /]# dir /mnt/LinuxISO

lost+found  ubuntu-18.04.4-live-server-amd64.iso


7.       Verified the mapping:  

[root@xenserver-antaira /]# ls -lhs /var/xen/LinuxISO

0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Mar 18 16:46 LinuxISO -> /mnt/LinuxISO


8.       Added the following to /etc/rc.local

# Mount ISO

vgchange -a y

mount /dev/VG_XenStorage-a6742c6f-6ec8-8299-46ad-c9eaffeed2d8/LinuxISO /mnt/LinuxISO


9.     I have verified the ISO in the /mnt/LinuxISO folder

cd /mnt/LinuxISO


lost+found  ubuntu-18.04.4-live-server-amd64.iso


10.    I have verified the mapping

[root@xenserver-antaira /]# ls -lhs /var/xen/LinuxISO

0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Mar 18 16:46 LinuxISO -> /mnt/LinuxISO


Problem, when check the SR I don’t see any ISOs under the storage tab. When I go to add a new virtual disk is show the SR as being full. I’m lost here, can anyone give me some assistance  

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