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How to Get all (enumerated) Published applications or Desktops assigned to a user in Citrix 7.18 CVAD using PowerShell scripts?

Santosh Kumar1709152153


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6.5 'Applications by user' search only shows what 'Sessions' a particular user has running at the time, not all applications that are available to that user.  I'm sure most of us assign applications by Group membership in AD.  If it were me, I'd write a script that grabs the AD Groups from Delivery Groups and Machine Catalogs, then for each of those groups the script would grab the members of that group from AD.  I agree that it would be nice if there were an easier way to do this and with 7.x it's even worse because users can be granted access via Delivery Groups and/or Machine Catalogs.

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I earlier thought that you would need a way to allow an app or desktop to all users without having to add them to studio. So that method :5_smiley:


Now if i understood your requirement correctly, You need a way to see what applications & desktops users are having access to or would see when they login to portal..

Yes this option is missing in GUI and can be achieved via powershell only.  Not aware of a big script that can perform all tasks automatically but thought if below lines of code could help you. This requires you to first extract the data and then filter things up in excel.


$Desktop = Get-BrokerDesktop | select DesktopGroupName, AssociatedUserNames | ft -AutoSize
$Application = Get-BrokerApplication | select ApplicationName, AssociatedUserNames | ft -AutoSize

$Desktop | export-csv "C:\XXX\Desktops.csv"
$Application | export-csv "C:\XXX\Applications.csv"


XXX is folder where files need to be exported. 


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On 3/23/2020 at 1:09 AM, Santosh Kumar1709152153 said:

This was relatively easy to get in XA 6.5 to see "Application By user" in the search field. Which enables you to see what apps or published desktop users will find upon logging in Citrix portal. This is missing in 7.x studio and director. Is there a PowerShell cmdlets to get these? 

did you ever find a way to do that ?

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