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Windows Defender as primary AV?


We currently use Cylance Protect in our environment and considering dropping and making a change to just use the built in Windows 10 Defender AV.   I had a couple of questions i was hoping someone could help with:


1.  any best practices for a citrix and/or app  layering perspective to be aware of and follow for this? (definition updates, periodic scans come to mind specifically how to handle)

2. any reason why this is a bad idea in this type of environment?

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thats what i thought.....thanks Rob!  i THINK there are only monthly new definitions that come down via Windows Update so any issue w/ full use layer if one is released before we can get it updated in an OS layer revision?


i'd imagine the periodic scans we'd deal w/ via whatever management tool they offer for that product and try and be smart about timing to not cripple performance during the day hey?

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ya i agree that sounds like it could be messy.  thank you for checking!   i noticed defender is not listed on this site so was curious if there is anything specific for that app specifically too https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-app-layering/4/layer/layer-antivirus-apps.html


yup thats what i thought which wouldnt be the end of the world i guess.....just possibly could get a mismatch on the non persistent machines depending on if someone is signed in and user layer mounted or not vs what file is on the not in use one

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