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XenMobile | Single Sign on for third party Application


Hi Folks, 


We are using domain-based authentication for our XenMobile solution.

We have an inhouse application which is published for iOS and Android users  via XenMobile and the application using LDAP authentication method. Whenever we launches the application it prompts for the user credentials and after submitting the credentials it will work normally.

How can we enable SSO for our third-party application while accessing via XenMobile ?

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Hi there,


If your mobile devices are enrolled for MAM, then you have access to MDX wrapped apps. The following link is a good starting point for figuring out available options:

SSO and Proxy Considerations for MDX Apps https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile/server/advanced-concepts/xenmobile-deployment/sso-proxy-mdx-apps.html


In very rough terms, if your app uses WebSSO MDX microVPN mode as the connection method to Citrix Gateway, then this appliance can help the app to sign on to many different backend authentication types.

Perhaps instead FullTunnel MDX microVPN mode is in use. This might be because of a need for the app to present certificate based authentication to the backend, just as an example. In MDX Password Caching might be able to help in that latter scenario (though it still does need the password to be manually entered once).


If you are new to Citrix Micro VPN, https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/learn/tech-insights/micro-vpn.html is a good introduction.


If MAM enrolment is not available on the device, then it can get quite complicated quite quickly. Consideration might be needed for the use of the Citrix SSO app, to connect to Citrix Gateway, instead. Although this VPN operates 'device-wide' by default, mobile devices which are MDM enrolled can have the Citrix SSO VPN restricted back to 'per-app'. Again, the idea is to leverage the authenticated session on Citrix Gateway to have it assist with any backend sign on requirements.


Best regards,



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