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How do I access the Virtual Desktop VM on-boot property?

William Charlton


I used the XSenServerPSModule cmdlets to write a script to create snapshots for selected VMs. If the user happens to select a Virtual Desktop VM (i.e., a VM created from a master image using Citrix Studio) then I want to ignore it. I understand that a Virtual Desktop VM has a property named "on-boot" and its value is "reset". However, I can't find any docs that tell me where this property is or which cmdlet I can use to access it


How (which cmdlet(s)) do I use to access the Virtual Desktop VM on-boot property?


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Hi William,


The "on-boot" parameter is one that is associated with the VDI, the virtual disk interface.

You can get the value of the "OnBoot" parameter using the command Get-XenVDIProperty.

I'm not sure if that is the parameter you want to filter on though, as it's not associated with the actual Virtual Machine.





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