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Printers not redirected, rather getting mapped like network ones

Lukasz Slemp



I'm having an issue with printers being inproperly mapped in a user session. 

My config is:

Client printer redirection -> Allowed 
Auto-create client printers -> Auto-create the client's default printer only 
Direct connections to print servers -> Enabled 
Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers ->  Disabled 
Universal print driver usage -> Use universal printing only 
Auto-create generic universal printer -> Disabled 
Retained and restored client printers -> Prohibited 

I have like 60 VDA worker servers booted from single golden image (PVS). 


On some sessions (25%), default printer from windows client is being redirected to citrix session where user sees universal print driver and have an option called "Local settings" (which lets him jump to full printer driver from Win client). But on the other sessions (75%) - printer is being mapped like a network printer (\\printserver\printername), with universal print driver, but without an "local settings" option this time.


All servers are made of same golden image, rebooted weekly, same OU, same policies. 

I have also observed that these 25% working sessions are always on same set of Citrix worker servers (it's like 10-15 servers out of whole 60 that are working fine - for unknown reasons).


Any ideas where to look? what to look for? 

Based on above I would suggest myself to check policies - and I did, 10 times, 8 times with citrix support, they are the same. 



// Edit:

What's more; with an published app opened, let's say Word:

my client default printer gets mapped as \\printserver\printer (BAD)

I change default printer on my Windows client to PDF Creator (instead of network printer)

Word refreshes default printer and shows PDF Creator (from CLIENTName) in session 67 (GOOD)

I change default printer on my Windows client to any network printer

Word refreshes default printer and shows it mapped as \\printserver\printer (BAD)


network printers do not get redirected, why? 


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got it fixed!


Direct connections to print servers -> Enabled   

should be set to DISABLED on windows clients so ctx session does not create direct connection to print server, rather use redirected printer. 


I only set it to enabled for thin clients, where no local printer can be redirected.

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