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profile management

Clair Sandrine


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@Clair Sandrine


When you deleted the AD user, and created a new one, you created a new AD SID for that user. This is a highly destructive way to try to solve a profile issue. Many software suites use SIDs to uniquely identify AD objects. Profile issues are usually localized to specific Windows machines and should therefore be solved in a more surgical fashion. 


Your issue is with a specific function of Citrix called enumeration. This is where the Broker service identifies the resources that the user is authorized to access. This is controlled by the Delivery Group Settings in Studio. The Citrix environment likely is expecting the old SID for the user. Your problem is probably solved at the Delivery Group level. Make sure you add the new AD User or AD groups to the Delivery Group(s) for the apps and desktops they need to access. Or you may be able to use the AD recycle bin to restore the user account, if you have that feature available in your environment. 


Hope this helps!

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