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export images from xen server to esxi server

robert wild1709160729


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Not directly. You should really export/import as ovf. And its not even that simple. I have done some

tesing myself as I am going that direction. I had to write some scripts to get rid of XenTools. Its been 

a few months since I did my testing so I don't remember the details. It will probably be a couple of 

months before I start moving VM's to the new environment.




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First off, be sure to uninstall all XenServer related software before exporting, because they will cause boot failures after importing on ESXi.


Have you seen this guide?


You can download VMware vConverter here (note you will need a VMware account):



Best of luck,



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yeah i know i need to uninstall the xen tools, thanks Alan


but what would you say is better to do, the vmware converter tool or this (see below)




as the tool im going to use to import all the vms to esxi can accept qcow2



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On 2/18/2020 at 1:37 PM, robert wild1709160729 said:

ok, im using the vmware converter to do this as i think it will be more easier

i dont understand the vmware helper ip (see pic)


what address do i give it, do i give it the destination vlan address or the source vlan address?





Hi Rob,


The helper VM is created on the destination (so the VMware host), but it does need access to the source network where the Xen VM is in, since it will be used to fetch the VM's data and create it on the destination VMware host.

So ideally, you have it configured to be in the network of the XenServer host, but also have the VMware host in that network.

If that is not possible, you have to make sure the two networks are routable.





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