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What NetScaler Automation tools you are currently using or plan to use ? What led you to choosing that tool ?

Mayur Vadhar

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In earlier days, I've made some experience with the NetScaler REST API. But, I think, it's better to go with "standard tools" used for deployment and automation.

We already deployed several Citrix NetScaler using custom HCL (Terraform). I plan to have a look into Ansible, too. Not sure, what will better fit ...?

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Hi @Jochen Hoffmann​ , You can use both Terraform or Ansible for ADC configuration. Terraform fits well and helps to manage drifts as well. ~95% of NetScaler Rest APIs are now available via Terraform - https://registry.terraform.io/providers/citrix/citrixadc/latest

Check out this NetScaler Automation page - https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/deploying-vpx/citrix-adc-automation.html and also do try NetScaler Labs - https://forum.developer.cloud.com/s/netscaler-labs to get browser based experience on Terraform and Ansible .

We also have Terraform scripts to deploy NetScaler in public cloud and ESX - https://github.com/citrix/terraform-cloud-scripts .

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Currently developing a large on-premise deployment with HCL Terraform. Deploying VPX on SDX, setting base configuration on VPX according to leading practices, deploying traffic management vservers and gateways, uploading certificates and bind them, etc,etc. This is working as expected. On tool to rule it all.

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I am currently doing complete deploys in Azure using Terraform for Netscaler ADC.

I use Azure DevOps withAzure DevOps pipelines to deploy and configure Netscaler ADC according to best practises with BotNet Protect, WAF, OAuth 2.0, Load Balancing , Content Switching.

Look into https://github.com/actions/runner-images/releases for Azure DevOps Deployment Agents.

The Development in the Netscaler terraform provider is really good.

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