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Unexpected shutdown of Windows 10 VMs on Hyper-V



We've been having this issue for about a month now and it's driving us nuts. Users occasionally see "windows shutting down" and then they are immediately logged off and the VM they were connected to turns off. I've had this happen numerous times so I know it's actually happening. You're just working along, audio is streaming, system is responsive, 100% normal and then "shutting down..." 


Host OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (1903), 7.15 CU5 VDA, FSLogix 2.9.7237.48865 , non-persistent MCS. We've tried no cache configurations and cached (RAM and HD) but we see it regardless.

Infrastructure: Hyper-V 2016 cluster, 7.15 LTSR (


Bread crumbs: 

The shutdown seems to be coming from the DDS where we see event ID: 3013 "The Citrix Broker Service successfully performed power action 'Shutdown' (origin: [Policy or Untaint or sometimes one of each]) on virtual machine..."
As I mentioned, the VM is not hung and shuts down normally through System Center and is then started up normally a couple minutes later. 

Anyone seen this before? Any ideas what to look into or that could be causing these? We see several of these a day out of only about 60 sessions, so it's pretty common and very disruptive. 

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