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Enable Encryption between Citrix Receiver/Netscaler and VDA

Alex Tsang


Hi all


I need to enable encryption for all communication between all Citrix's components (Running Citrix 1909), and I have install certificate in all Storefront, Controllers and Netscaler, then the communicate between them are already running HTTPS.  But may I know the ICA communication between the receiver and netscaler? The default ICA protocol is already encrypted or I must follow this KB (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220062) to run the powershell - enable-VDASSL.ps1 in VDA? 


Moreover, I understand the configuration made by enable-VDASSL.ps1 should work with receiver,  So how about Netscaler Gateway? configuration made by enable-VDASSL.ps1 in the VDA can work with Netscaler Gateway? If yes, any configuration change required in Netscaler Gateway?


Best regards


Alex Tsang

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Default encryption on the standard ICA channels is only RC5, so depending on your requirements if you want stronger encryption (AES etc) then you need to do it via the SSL method described in the article.


Yes it will work with NetScaler, as long as firewall ports are open on 443 (TCP and UDP) between your Receiver clients and NetScaler, and subsequently NetScaler and your VDAs.... No other specific config is needed on the NetScaler to support this.





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