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Configuring PVS to use UEFI

Ben Tusa


PVS 1909

VMware 6.7

Win10 1903 (image created in AL 1911)


The guide makes it sound trivial (when using BDM option, PXE is not an option for me anyway)



I've created a BDM ISO with the UEFI checkbox.  Put it on my EFI enabled Virtual Machine.  Added the device to PVS.  It boots and connects to the pvs server.   I pick the image but then I get an error "EFI system partition (ESP) error:  Unsupported.   Attached a screenshot.


I created a 2nd BDM ISO without the UEFI option and put it on a VM with BIOS.  That one boots up just fine.  In preparing my image in AL I had booted up an OS version using a UEFI template VM which works.  Did I miss some other PVS specific UEFI steps in the Platform Layer?


Looking for ideas on what to look at next.  Thanks


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