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Move XenMobile Server to vmWare ESXi

Thorsten Bolz


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Hi Thorsten, this should indeed be possible. I think the following method is the way I would do this in a lab environment....


- Backup the SQL database and also backup any existing server nodes

- Download the installer for XenMobile Server which suits 'ESXi'

- Note that you should download the same XenMobile Server Version as your existing deployment!

- For example, if you are using XenMobile Server 10.10 on the existing XenServer hypervisor, then you should download the installer for XMS 10.10 for ESXi

- Add a new node to the existing XenMobile Server cluster (use the same FQDN and database details as the existing nodes, only the LAN IP address of the new node should be unique)

- This will result in one or more XMS nodes running on XenServer whilst another node is running on ESXi

- All of these nodes, across different Hypervisors, will all be part of the very same cluster

- Once the new node has been added in this way, it is ok to power down and remove any old unwanted nodes


The method above avoids and disk conversions, which would otherwise be necessary if trying to clone an existing node, convert the disk image and then restore the clone on a new hypervisor.


Best regards,

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Hi Thorsten,


Unfortunately, there is no supported process for migrating the database from internal Postgres to external SQL. The internal database is intended for non-production, small-scale, test environments only.


Even if you discover a method to migrate the database which appears to work gracefully, there might still be some concerns that a problem could be found at a later date. I would suggest that it is best to perform new enrolments in to the new external SQL database, once it is up and running.


Kind regards,

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