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Problem installing app from Secure Hub when updates are available in the Google Play Store

Scott Newton


On-Prem this issue has been happening for multiple versions but we are currently on

We have periodic issues where an app (not specific to any single app and both wrapped and unwrapped) is available in Secure Hub Store and when you select to add it will show up gray in My Apps but never begin the download or install.


Our troubleshooting steps are as follows:

1. Is the application already installed (side load or previous Secure Hub install)

    If it is, delete the app and relaunch Secure Hub to install


2.  Are there ANY pending updates in Google Play store or OS?

     If yes, apply them all and relaunch Secure Hub to install


3.  Delete account from Secure Hub and re-enroll

4.  Delete account from Secure Hub and Endpoint Management server


In most (80%) of the cases, applying all updates from Google Play Store (even if Secure Hub isn't one of the apps that have updates) will resolve the issue.

Does anyone else see this or have an explanation for it?

Is there a better flow to troubleshoot an app that allows you to select add but won't begin the process to download and install from Secure Hub? 

In cases where #2 doesn't resolve the issue and we have to delete the device from the server, is there something we can look at within the server to determine if we should proactively delete the device?

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