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Xenmobile error ---^

Norbert Eekelder


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Hi there,


It seems that the full content of the error message is not available in the screenshot. I suggest that you try the following method to get a clearer view of what might be going wrong....


- Go to XenMobile Server support page (top right corner) and open 'Log Settings'

- Select the top check box (to select all components at the same time) and then go to 'Edit' -> change the log level from 'Info' to 'Debug' (revert this change later on)

- Reproduce the problem to generate fresh log entries

- Once done, go to the logs and open the Debug log file

- Search for 'exception' (I suspect this is the kind of error to expect)

- You might find similar text to the screenshot where the chevron character '^' points towards some null value or invalid character warning


Hopefully this will help for the cause of the error to become clear. It might be that you have a number of XenMobile Server nodes in a cluster. If so, perhaps this problem does not affect all nodes? If you have at least one working node (where the issue is not seen), then it should be possible to just clone the 'known good node' and use the clone to replace any broken cluster members.

Otherwise, if the problem is seen across all nodes (or if there is only one node), then perhaps the repair steps will be a little more complicated and involved. This might be something which requires a support case to be resolved.


Best regards,

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