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Unable to finalize OS layer/ NGen.exe

Xavier Blackwood


Help.. This just started happening and I am not sure what is causing it. When a try to finalize our Server 2016 OS layer I get the error below, A Microsoft NGen operation is needed. If i check the ngen queue status, there are no updates needed and it says the .Net optimization service isn't running. I have tried updating OS layers going back to October and they all do the same thing. The only change I can point to is updating to the latest app layering version. I have tried Citrix support but their App layering team never answers.. 



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I assume you have tried rebooting after you get that which is always required.  If you have not run ngen you should run both the 32 and 64 bit versions. I always use ngen update with no force.  If you have caching enabled on your connectir try treating another without caching and use that.  We do have issues with caching connectors and ngen but usually the issue is that the  layer disk fills up. 

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I had another issue recently when I couldn't create new App layers with a Pre Req layer (Office 2016) included. Citrix support instructed me to turn off caching as the workaround. Could turning off caching cause an ngen issue? I did run both 32 and 64 bit ngen but used the commands ngen eqi and ngen update /force. I did also reboot. I will try again without the /force switch.. 

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Just in case the original issue (A Microsoft NGen operation is needed) is causing anyone else issues and everything checks out in the registry, I found this script which resolved it for me.  It has a slightly different syntax than what I had been using for about the past 2 years but it worked.


Get-ChildItem  $env:SystemRoot\Microsoft.NET\ ngen.exe -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
  & $_.FullName executequeueditems



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