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WorkLoad Balancing WLB rules to keep specific servers together on the same XenServer Host?

Chris Marreel


Hi all,


I'm at the moment looking at WLB, but I can't find a way to create 'custom rules'.  

e.g. Is it posssible to keep some VM's TOGETHER on the SAME XenServer-host ?


The biggest reason is PVS-Accelerator.  So I would love to have all the VM's that are using a specific PVS-image running on the SAME XS-Host, so they make optimal use of the PVS-Accelerator-cache.  Ofcourse in the aspect of HA this is not optimal, but we must be honest, we don't have that much hardware-failures, so we are looking at optimal every-day use and maximum performance for the end-users.


And if not possible at the moment, wouldn't it be a great idea to add this in future WLB-versions ?  How can I file this WLB feature-request ?


Thanks for sharing your toughts.


  Chris Marreel

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You can only specify certain VMs to be started together or in a sequence, If desired. To accomplish what you want, you'd have to write a script to monitor which VM was on which host and have it Xenmotion VMs around, as necessary. You'd have to take into consideration available hosts, the memory available on a particular host, etc., which makes things more complicated.


As to feature requests, go to this space on this forum: https://discussions.citrix.com/forum/1289-feature-requests-and-suggestions/



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Hi Alan and Thobias,


Thanks for you input.

But I assume that what I want, isn't yet available in the current WLB-setup.  If I compare with the possibilities in VMware's DRS there it would be possible, so I hope the WLB-development-team can implement this in the next version of WLB.


Let's hope for some votes in my forum-post.



  Chris Marreel

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1 hour ago, Tobias Kreidl said:


No, that is not a currently available feature. Best to do, as suggested, is to add your request to the request and suggestion forum.



Hi Tobias,  My post is in the correct forum I assume. 

I can understand I can't 'vote' for my own request, but it's totaly unclear to me how one could "vote" for a request in this forum...

As far as I can see all the forum-posts have at the moment 0 votes.  

Or can you, by means of prove one can vote, try and do a test-vote on my request-post ?




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9 hours ago, Alan Lantz said:

Something else I have ran into that is along this lines is something like DNS where I want VM's to never been

on the same hosts together. Assigning them to servers was the best I could do. It would be nice if WLB could

do inclusions/exclusions like this.




Hi Alan,


That is what I mean with "rules in WLB".  With these 'rules' we should be able to specify which VM's should be on SEPARATE hosts, or even GROUPED together on the SAME host. 

I hope the development of WLB can include these "rules", one can call them 'affinity-rules' and 'anti-affinity-rules'.


Hi, development team of WLB, this would be a very handy function to include in a next release of WLB.  What do you think ?

Thanks and greetings,

   Chris MARREEL

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