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No entry found in database for device - New PVS Test Server

Johannes Pfau1709157775




we build a new new PVS+DDC Citrix Farm with Version - 1909

We currently have a productive farm with 7.15 CU4


After configuring the PXE option and TFTP option for the Test-PVS Server all my production target devices had "No entry found in database for device" when they tried to boot.


I don't understand why this happens. I shut down the test enviroment and everything works again.

The Test-Setup has it's own database.


The only thing that is shared is the network for the setup and the DHCP Server for the target devices.


What is the problem? I can't power on my test enviroment now without knowing what the cause of the problem is.



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Since you are sharing the network the PXE server from the production system maybe responding before the test server and you are downloading the bootstrap from the production system.  check to see what PVS server the target is trying to login into, I would guess it is attempting to login into your 7.15 CU4 server.

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