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Does XenServer have config ??

Antony nixson


Hello there,

I have a query , i'm a Xenserver newbie, so pardon me if this sounds silly.

Does XenServer maintain any config files ? 

for example,


If i create a new VM in a XenServer
1) Should create a Name
2) Should assign a IP
3) IT Should have a unique UUID

A newly created VM should have the above details right ?

My question is does the XenServer have any config file which contains the all the above info ?


I hope definitely it should maintain a config file which has the all the info of a VM ? But i'm not sure ! Please anyone let me know, if yes kindly let me know the location of the config file 



Antonynixson I

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Hello Tobias,


Thanks for the replay, i had one more query,

I can able to export a VM's metadata by using

xe vm-export filename=metadata.bak uuid=<UUDI of the VM> metadata=true

As well i can able to import VM's metadata by using 

xe vm-import filename=metadata.bak uuid=<UUDI of the VM> metadata=true

Here when i import a metadata from metadata.bak file it will launch a new VM !!


In my case  i want to update a VM's IP so i did the following,

1) exporting VM's metadata,

2) modifying the metadata file #step1 (find the old servers IP and replaced with a new IP),

3) importing modified metadata file #step2 (When i import a modified metadata file it will launch a new VM),

But i want to update the same VM by modified metadata, Is it possible ?



Antonynixson I

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