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Move VM in Citrix Hypervisor 8.0

Magnus Dalgrim


When we are trying to move an VM in XenCenter that we created from the new VM-wizard (that is powered off)  from one host to another host in same pool we get the "Migrate to Server"-wizard and we can choose pool and target server but then we can't click next , so we can't move it.

If we create a machine from Citrix Cloud with MCS and right-click in XenCenter and select "Move VM" then we get "Move VM"-wizard and only needs to select the storage we want and click move and it works.

If we detach the disk from the VM (VM that we created from "New VM"-wizard) then we can move the VM-disk and then attach the disk again and everything works and the VM is moved to the new host.

Has anyone seen this behavior? 

Has anyone got any ideas how I can make this work or is this by design?



Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 with XS80E001, XS80E002, XS80E003, XS80E004, XS80E005, XS80E006

Local Storage only

Licensed with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Citrix Cloud


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2 hours ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

Sounds like compatibility issues caused perhaps by different hardware in the pools -- does migration also fail if the VM is shut down?

Have you tried doing the migration from the CLI, which is better at reporting error conditions?


I can not migrate the machines if its power on.

I'm going to try migration thru CLI instead and see if that works, thanks.

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