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Difference | licensed vs unlicensed | XenServer 7.1

Antony nixson


Hello there,


Can anyone please let me know the major difference between XenServer 7.1 licensed vs unlicensed ???


Purpose: assign static ip to centos7 vm through cli in xenserver

Command:  xe vif-configure-ipv4 uuid=(UUID-of- VIF) mode=static address=w.x.y.z/24 gateway=a.b.c.d


I just ran a xe command on XenServer CLI "unlicensed XenServer 7.1" 

it is throwing something like (You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks the feature.)


##### Error Info 

[root@xenserver-Rack2Dell ~]# xe vif-configure-ipv4 uuid=df1840d4-e301-16db-80a4-2b98308d03f4 mode=none
You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks the feature.
vm: cac2a392-5a3f-60e5-d948-6c42af832780 (test-terraform-web)


When i ran the above command i will be getting this, so i believe it may happens because of  unlicensed version of XenServer , So i tried the same command with a licensed version of XenServer But again i will be getting the same info 


##### Error Info 

[root@xencn01 ~]# xe vif-configure-ipv4 uuid=e7bf9afe-60c8-3e12-252f-c4870be6d036 mode=static address= gateway=

You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks the feature.
vm: c709cc8a-8c36-67ca-f599-a6a2986ad2bd (Testing)


So i just want to know the difference between licensed vs  unlicensed version, i don't understand this

the citrix official document says through cli we can configure IP address to the VM but it doesn't works



So please let me know anyone why this command not working, OR let me know if i miss anything to add !!


Note: i also installed xen-tools into the VM.

Also the above command works on windows VM (I can able to assign static ip to a windows vm through xen cli)



Antonynixson I

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