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Office 365 SecureMail Error

John Francis1709160537


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Hi there,


There is quite a lot of possible causes for the error which you have received. Based on https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX229640, I can at least confirm that your connection attempt 'should' work. This assumes that Secure Mail is still configured to target your old 'on-premises' mailbox, whereby the server will return 'HTTP 451 Redirect', to inform Secure Mail to instead connect to the new 'cloud hosted' mailbox.

Maybe the on-premises mail server is quite an old one? If so, then maybe it doesn't have the ability to offer the expected HTTP 451 redirect?
Instead, perhaps there is some other configuration done (extra configuration), which means that whilst Secure Mail could connect to your on-premises mailbox, it cannot now connect to cloud?

If you are very unsure of how best to proceed, I would suggest checking through the Secure Mail log files for a point of failure. Perhaps a network trace taken at the Gateway vServer would also help (assuming that the connection attempt to the cloud mailbox is first tunnelled with micro VPN?)


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