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Double- sided printing only in Citrix after Catalina update

Agnes Preston


Hello, all!

I have a user since he updated his MacBook to Catalina, he can only print double-sided from his Citrix session. The printer directly from his laptop prints single pages, only print doubles -sided adn only-double sided from Citrix. We updated the print driver, tested with different software to print from (Power pdf, Word, Outlook etc) all the same result.

Any idea what else can we do? Thank you for your help in advance!

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We have thus far been unable to replicate the issue internally. We only have  pbrutsc606's case open at this time that I am aware of. If others with the issue would open a case, then maybe we can figure out what you have in common that is causing the issue. I see agipreston has stated that they updated the print driver. This tells me they are not using UPD. What happens if you set your policy to use UPD only and uninstall any native print drivers (would likely need to isolate a VDA into it's own delivery group and apply the policy)?


Are these ICA desktops or published apps ? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Hi All, 


Are we using 'HP Color LaserJet PS' driver on the VDA? How about on the client side on Mac client?


We need to capture the Spool File on the MAC Client for the below scenarios:

               1. Citrix printing with Single Side setting

               2. Citrix printing with Double Side setting

               3. Local Mac printing with Single Side setting

               4. Local Mac printing with Double Side setting


Instruction to capture Spool file:

Go to Mac > Printers > Settings > Stop Printing > enable  Pause mode on printing  > Get the Spool file.

Use the Super User privilege, like root and then see if you can get the spool file from the Mac Client machine:

sudo su -

cd /var/spool/cups/


Spool file name should be something like this: d000xx-001 (look for the right one - best to clear any of the files of this format in the above format before we print the file)


If the printer driver is honoring the PS Format - then we spool it properly.

If the printer driver is honoring a custom format - then we may see these issues.

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We have up to this point been not able imitate the issue inside. We just have pbrutsc606's case open as of now that I am mindful of. On the off chance that others with the issue would open a case, at that point possibly we can make sense of what you share practically speaking that is causing the issue. I see agipreston has expressed that they refreshed the print driver. This discloses to me they are not utilizing UPD. I think you should use transcription software for mac. Do you know this will help you?

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You may try the below link:





You could try to see if you can find a PS format driver using this and let me know. 


From the spool file, please see if you are getting the right values for Duplex true/false, which will confirm us on what is going on. 


Please see below:

On Double-sided print PS spool file:


%%BeginFeature: *Duplex DuplexNoTumble

<</Duplex true/Tumble false>>setpagedevice


} stopped cleartomark


On Single-sides print PS spool file:


%%BeginFeature: *Duplex None

<</Duplex false>>setpagedevice


} stopped cleartomark



Well, you can also send these files directly to the printer from the Mac machine and check if they are getting printed as expected.

To print use the command:
lp –d <printer> <spool file>


Check the exact printer name run command:

lpstat –p


That is all I have for now. 



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