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Logon script not executing.

Matt Meserve


I'm currently running Citrix 1903 and have Windows Server 2016 published desktops.  We're also using UPM and have roaming profiles.  Local profiles on the RD servers are deleted on log off.  The initial issue I was facing was that the app tiles on the Start Menu and Pinned apps were disappearing when the user logged off then on again.  I found a vbs script that kicks of a powershell script that refreshes all of these tiles.  Works great.  So I thought I would setup the vbs as a logon script that would then launch the powershell script on user login so the tiles would be refreshed each time.   However, it doesn't appear to work.  If I launch the vbs as the logged on user it works fine, but not as a GPO.  I have the logon script GPO under  User Configuration>Windows Settings>Scripts>Logon.  On the Scripts tab I added my vbs script.  I took the powershell script and placed it in a share and changed the path in the vbs script accordingly.  Again, this all runs fine if I launch the vbs script from the desktop of a logged in user.  If I run RSOP as the logged in user I can see the vbs in the results.


Is there something I'm missing here?




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Thanks for the response.  I did tweak the vbs script to make the window visible while running the powershell script so I can see that it actually runs.  Odd that it still doesn't appear to work.  Not seeing any errors when it runs.  I run the same script from the desktop and all tiles are refreshed.


I did find a Citrix article that describes the issue with VDA 7.15, I believe.  Had to do with mirroring a particular  folder AppData\Local\Microsoft\WIndows\Caches.  Tried that thinking that perhaps it still applied in 1903 but no difference.  I even removed the user profile so it was completely recreated on login to test but result is the same.



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