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VM's disappeared

Matheus Martins


Hello, i'm having some issues with XenServer, it all started with a blackout that shutted down the internet for about 3 to 4 days in the area and the blackout stood for almost 1 day entirely.

When I returned to the company everything was working. However XenServer wasn't, I have 2 server in XenServer: Server 1 and Server 2.


In the Server 1 I had to change the IP Address in order to make it work again, and now it is working perfectly.

In the Server 2 In first place I did a ping to the IP Address and it showed in the command prompt: "Unreachable Destination Host".

I changed the IP Address of the Server 2 as well, but the problem remained the same.


Also all the VMs disappeared, i'm attaching some screenshots.


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