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Citrix Receiver wont work on Catalina (on MAC) Message says :- citrix Viewer is required to start the app. Install Citrix Receiver and try again.

Neil Brooks



I have had Citrix receiver on my Mac for a while now and all has been good. However earlier this week I updated to Catalina and now it wont load up. 


I go through the normal route of inputting my password, username and RSA token number and get the download Launch.ica file all as i would of done prior.

When i click on the Launch.ica file i go into a loop of it trying to load up and then returns to the list of downloads but doesn't load up.

I can click it again and it try's to load but fails. I then get a message that says "Citrix Viewer is required to start the app. Install Citrix Receiver and try again."

but it is installed and shows in my dock on the bottom of the screen.


I spoke to my IT department at work and they have said they can only help me once i get Citrix to work as that is nothing to do with them. So i need to sort it out myself basically... great...

What they said (and i have done) was to remove citrix from the Mac, reboot it, reload the citrix receiver, reboot it, then try and load my work desk top up as normal. 

I have done this but no luck, just get in the loop of returning to the download lists.


I asked about Citrix Workspace and if that would work but was told that the system at work isn't set up for that yet and i do need to go in via the receiver option.

I have downloaded 12.8.1 form here https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/legacy-receiver-for-mac/ 


Can anyone suggest any way round this issue? 


The mac is my own but im trying to use it to access my work account


Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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