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Migrating Virtual apps and desktops on-premise prod and test site to citrix cloud




I have Production(active-active) and test site. I am in the process of planning to migrate them to Citrix cloud. My question is can I have production and test site side by side in Citrix cloud. The test enviroment is identical to production and it contains its own netscaler and storefront too.


Below is my planning.


1. Install test citrix connector server

2.Migrate the test DDC,License and DB

3. Perform testing.


If above is proves to be ok then perform the same for production too.

1. Install 2Xproduction citrix connector server in each site

2.Migrate the prod DDC,License and DB

3. Separate the connector per site into zone after migration.

3. Perform testing.


is there anyone who have tried this approach? If so can you please let me know if there is any reference document?




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