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Unable to migrate VM from one pool to another pool/xenserver.

Jordan Gooding-McGovern


Hi All, 

I've run into a problem when attempting to migrate VM's (either powered on or powered off) to another xenserver. 

Both pools have two XenServer servers in it running version 7 and all 4 servers are at the same patch level. The main difference is that the new pool is using newer hardware. 

In the old pool I'm able to migrate the VMs from server to server so long as the two servers are within the same pool. However, once I attempt to (using the move VM wizard) move the VM outside of the old pool I run into problems. 
It will allow me to select the new pool of servers to move it to, it will also allow me to select the specific server which I should place the VM on, however, the "next" option is greyed out and so there's no way to continue with this process. 

I've been going through the logs on one server from each pool to see if any nasty errors were thrown up, however, I couldn't see anything conclusive. 

Any advice or tips would be appreciated. 

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Hi Again all, 


Massive thank you for all the comments posted, I've actually figured this one out (though it was through a bit of luck). 


The problem was because the two servers are using xenserver 7, however, on my machine I've got xenCenter 8 (Due to some of our newer servers being on XenServer8). Using a VM I installed Xenserver 7 and suddenly the greyed out option, was no longer greyed out thus allowing me to begin the migration. 


Quite the bizarre one given it didn't really throw up any error messages in the admin console or (that I could see) in /var/log. 



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