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Can i create a connector to local hypervisor storage

Olly Thompson1709156630


Looking to install and configure ELM for a customer and he currently uses local storage to hold templates and VMs on the XenServer deployment. This gives the headache when updating MCS images, so we are looking at shared storage of some kind.


Question is, are App Layer template exports able to go directly to the XenServer local storage, or do they require an SMB share somewhere and then copying to local storage (if applicable)?

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I will start the response thread and, if I am wrong, at least someone else will, hopefully chime in. So, "App Layer template exports.."??

If you mean a published image, we can send that to any location to which we have access, via the connector settings. We prefer to have the connector be MCS, since you mention the use of it, to avoid any issues, but you can have the image published using the network share connector. But, bear in mind you will have additional steps.


I do not follow your, "This gives a headache..", but that is me.

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