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After upgrade to cellular data, cannot download/upgrade aps from store

Phillip Frederiksen


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yea.... when on 4G/LTE i am not able to install any of my MDX wrapped apps in the My Apps store in Secure Hub for iOS.   actually now back on Wifi i'm still having issues getting the mdx apps to come down again.  this is on my iPhone X i just updated to iOS 13.1.1 today.  UPDATE: removed secure hub and re-enrolled and now is working fine. my issues may have been related to all of the testing i've been doing today with Secure Hub client PIN.


EDIT: however on my ipad on wifi only running 12.1.4; i am able to install my mdx apps fine.  i plan to selective wipe the iphone to see if the issues there were due to testing of a Secure Hub PIN and cached passwords.


so.. are you seeing other policy deployment and other issues on  i am not able to deploy more than 6 policies per delivery group; one of my android enterprise delivery group has 9 policies but only 6 policies ever seem to make it down. just curious.


EDIT: still feel there are some bugs in that Citrix hasn't noted, plan to update my other posts i have about the samsung safe elm key not working and what appears to be only 6 policies making it to my android enterprise devices.

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updated notes with ipad testing and iphone success after re-enrolling
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