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BYOD Android Users and Exchange email: is there ever going to be a way to configure Gmail w/exchange info in Citrix Endpoint?

James Selix


We have been using Citrix XenMobile since day 1 of citrix acquiring Zenprise.  One huge missing feature I've noticed from day one is the inability to configure the Android Gmail client w/an exhange account.  iOS devices and deployments are so simple vs android and google's failure to build in contacts, calendar and mail apps in its OS across all brands of android/versions.  We are still forced to make our users configure gmail w/their accounts and then we have to create a manual static device id rule on the endpoint management connector/mail manager for exchange.


is there any way in 2019 to push a preconfigured Gmail config file to android users upon enrollment? we have now moved to using Android Enterprise and feel there should be a way to do this on the work profile side.  no, forcing users to use secure mail IS NOT AN OPTION. 


thanks in advance!

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and all it took me was just some basic reading.. :)  here is how one goes about this.


1. First, we will need to have Xenmobile Endpoint configured for Android Enterprise.  We are using a BYOD, work profile AE setup.  In turn i have a google play managed account and have also setup Firebase Cloud Messaging with the same accounts.

2. Once we had AE (android enterprise) configured and working, i then created an Android Enterprise public store app for Gmail.

3. I then configured an Android Enterprise Managed Configurations that i then chose Gmail app and then configured settings using macros and our exchange server info.

4. Once we deploy AE, work profile gets setup and gmail is allowed as a work app

5. After enrolled, i have user open Gmail once adn close it.  Then go back into Secure Hub and refresh policies.

6. After the refresh, the user then opens GMail and just enters in his/her login password.


The activesync id from the device will actually match the gmail client activesync id since you can use a macro to devine the gmail activesync id to be the real one (vs the masking that google/android was doing prior) and in turn i do not have to create any static rules for gmail clients and they now behave just like iOS devices!!


Selective wipes w/AE and FirebaseCloud Messaging is great!!!  Hope that helps others out there. I'm going to put a ticket in with support to see how i can avoid having to do a device policy refresh after enrolling to get that gmail config to come down; i feel it may be the order in which i am deploying policies/actions/apps for the delivery group.



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