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How do you bypass google play email on a new or factory reset device?

Scott Newton


This is something I think should be an easy google or search in this forum but I'm coming up with nothing.

Use case:  We have some tablets for a specific group in our enterprise.  We want to have it set up so the user receives the tablet and it's ready to go for them when they first power it on.  No need to put in a gmail account for Google Play, Apps they will use already installed, blocked access to the play store.  


I think Zero Touch is one possible method, but due to vendor sourcing, it's not an option for us.  Can someone provide me a link or suggested search criteria to get information on bypassing the need for a gmail account?  I tried to set up and test the DPC identifier token (afw#xenmobile) process but it still prompted for gmail account.

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11 minutes ago, Alessandro Miotto Marques1709152314 said:

hi, just to clarify, device is prompting for Google account before or after the enrollment process?


If is before, what android version are your devices working?


I think this link can help you with configuration process. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-endpoint-management/device-management/android/android-enterprise.html


It is after enrollment.  I'll go through the link you provided.

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i haven't seen this and i've been testing/playing with Android Enterprise for a few months now. are you doing fully managed device or BYOD mode w/personal and work profiles?  we go BYOD mode and have not seen this in my testing.  you prob need to setup a managed app config for the managed gmail app.   let me copy my other reply to my own post since i finally got managed app configs down. ;)  just do this for managed gmail app.



we run a BYOD setup for mobile users, they own the phones and we just let them have work email on it but have to have it managed w/secure hub.  i'm actually pretty impressed w/Android Enterprise and our use case scenerio.  it creates the personal and work profiles allow us to do an iPhone like selective wipe of all business information while leaving their personal data and apps alone.   what i did was add the Samsung Email app to our Google Managed Play Store. I then added the managed app to Xenmobile as a public app for AE.  This then let me create a managed app config that let me add an Exchange profile to the app.   Assign all to my delivery group and enroll and bam!! all my test user needs to do is enter their password.. HOWEVER, managed app config policies do not seem to take upon enrollment. i've noticed i've had to refresh device policies after enrolling and opening the Samsung Email app before the config applies.. however the device logs show the config being downloaded upon enrollment. i've been playing with deployment order to see if that matters (also another thing Citrix needs to make a document on; what is a recommended deployment order of policies, apps, managed configs, restrictions, automated actions, etc)


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