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Citrix StoreFront slow loading login page and launching apps

Derek Resendes1709155939



Users are running XenApp desktop on a windows 2016 server. From the XenApp desktop users will launch storefront with internet explorer  to connect to another citrix farm to launch an application.  The storefront page itself takes a long time to launch. I disabled the IE manage Add-ons Citrix ICA Client and the page loads quickly. The issue is that when the user clicks on the application in storefront the IE page stops responding giving you the option to recovery or it takes a long time to launch. When I use google chrome on the XenApp desktop  I don't have the issue. So I can't figure out the setting in IE I need to correct.

I don't see this issue on a pc with IE 




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The link above did not help. What I have done so far  is disable the Citrix ICA Client in the IE Manage  Add-ons. Once disabled the performance of loading the storefront improved.

There is still an issue when a user clicks on the application icon, it takes some time to load and I noticed  in the status window  of IE it is downloading the ica file from the site during this processes



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