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SMB File Share issue: NativeMethodLogger: Unable to get Free space

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


We are troubleshooting a Windows 10 blue screen issue where user layer connections are being dropped on our Nutanix AFS share.   As we are narrowing down the root cause we are testing w/ a new file server setup and disabling SMB 3 (to revert back to SMB 2).   When i first logon it creates the users folder structure like it should, it will not create the .vhd file like normal.   I see the below errors in the ulayersvc.log file and not sure what to make of it:


2019-08-20 21:12:57,833 INFO 18 UserLayerService: Searching for user layer for 'SOC\ace3' using pattern '\\society-ntnx-02\Users\Users\SOC_ace3\6A8000_*\ace3.vhd'
2019-08-20 21:12:58,583 INFO 18 UserLayerService: Didn't find user layer for user for 'SOC\ace3' using pattern '\\society-ntnx-02\Users\Users\SOC_ace3\6A8000_*\ace3.vhd'
2019-08-20 21:12:58,599 ERROR 18 NativeMethodLogger: Unable to get Free space for \\society-ntnx-02\Users\Users\SOC_ace3\6A8000_Windows 10: Error code 58
2019-08-20 21:12:58,599 ERROR 18 VdiDynamicLayeringService: Caught exception: 'System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The specified server cannot perform the requested operation

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From a quick google search, "Windows 10: Error code 58", is typically associated with a network failure, at some level. Did SMB3 not work, which is why you disabled it? I suggest trying to manually add folders, files to the same path our service would, once logged in as the domain user and as another user, local admin. A wireshark trace may be helpful. Also, I recommend opening a case, as we would need to see more data for assistance.



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