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Xen Hypervisor 8.0.0: All VMs got orange state when try to Reboot or Shutdown

Felix Hosner


Hello all together,


we have installed Xen Hypervisor 8.0.0 on one Server with integrated Storage.  We have different Windows (Windows 7, WS 2012 R2 - WS 2016) and Linux VM (Debian). All have installed the Citrix VM tools with come with Xen.


All VMs have the same Problem, if we try to Shutdown, Reboot, Force Shutdown them they get in an orange state. State of the VM via CL is "halted". The processbar in the XenCenter Events still stucks. 


i have tried the following commands:

xe vm-list resident-on=e5596c6c-229a-1be2-e0a3-bb3d22e83db3
xe vm-shutdown uuid=e5596c6c-229a-1be2-e0a3-bb3d22e83db3
xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=e5596c6c-229a-1be2-e0a3-bb3d22e83db3 force


xl destroy domain 123

After the Toolstack got restart, i can see the VMs in Xencenter Shutdown, but state via CL is halted again.


If i try to start one of the VMs it often runs in a timeout (takes over 1 hour), sometimes its possible that the start of the VM is finished in under 1 hour and the VM boots. Boot is finished after 1 oder 2 minutes.


Please can you help me.


Kind regards Thomas


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Hi Alan,


it's a complete new installation of 8.0 - no upgrade.


Dom0 Ram is set to 8 GB (default after installation)


This seems to be also the maximum: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/memory-usage.html "The amount of memory allocated to the Control Domain is adjusted automatically and is based on the amount of physical memory on the physical host. By default, Citrix Hypervisor allocates 1 GiB plus 5% of the total physical memory to the control domain, up to a maximum of 8 GiB. "

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